Posted by: njrigg | February 26, 2010

Important brochures about SUDDEN DEATH – GRIEF AND TRAUMA

These important brochures about SUDDEN DEATH – GRIEF AND TRAUMA are available on our website.

We have permission to provide these brochures to families, schools, and professionals who work with families who have lost loved ones, including water rescue and dive rescue/recovery teams; however, we do NOT have permission to have them reproduced or reposted on any other website.  Thank you for honoring copyright restrictions.

Sudden Death—Grief and Trauma

Has sudden death affected you or your family? The EHSSB Trauma Advisory Panel in partnership with The Royal Hospitals Trust produced a series of booklets dealing with sudden death and its effects on children and families.

These booklets contain information on what to expect from children and adults following a sudden death in the family/community, as well as practical guidelines and suggestions for dealing with difficult reactions that may occur at different times.

Each series targets the needs and concerns of families, professionals, or schools affected by sudden death. You can download these booklets here:

Information for relatives: If sudden death has affected you, your child, or your family you may want to know more about how families react and what can help.

Information for professionals and others supporting families: This series has practical information and guidelines for statutory, community, and voluntary sector workers in contact at different times with children and families affected by sudden death.

Information for schools: This series presents relevant information for those working in the education system with pupils affected by sudden death as well as some guidelines for pupils themselves.


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