Posted by: njrigg | February 22, 2010

Welcome to the Drowning Support Network

Welcome to the Drowning Support Network

By Nancy J. Rigg

Flash floods. Tsunamis. Rivers. Oceans. Hurricanes. The force of moving water is powerful, majestic sometimes, and also potentially deadly.

Lakes. Ponds. Swimming pools and spas. Even still water offers a hidden hazard. It only takes 30-seconds for a child to drown. And contrary to what people think, there is usually no cry for help. Drowning is a silent killer…

Too many families suffer the loss or injury of loved ones in open water. In addition to sudden death bereavement, post-traumatic stress injury (PTSD) is frequently a compounding problem.

The Drowning Support Network (DSN) offers peer support to those who have lost loved ones in drownings or other aquatic accidents, including when no physical remains have been recovered, or the recovery process has been lengthy and difficult. Water rescue/recovery personnel are also welcome to participate.

We lend one another support and guidance. We promote drowning prevention programs, water rescue training for emergency responders, standards for recovery operations that reduce the burden on grieving families, and we lobby for change in the way all open and moving water related emergencies are managed.

We hope that this site offers guidance and support to all who are dealing with sudden death grief and trauma resulting from drowning deaths and other aquatic accidents.


In memory of Earl Higgins


  1. Hello Everyone…good to see all of you here….sad reason why most of us are here…sending lots of hugs…Janet, Joe’s Mom

  2. I like the site Nancy. Janet you are right, it is sad that we are all here for the loss of our loved ones.
    Wife of Officer Stephen Bond. Lost at Sea May 17, 2009. Recovered and will be home with his wife and kids on March 20, 2010.

  3. I found your helpful links just now, and the particular stress on us Rescuers in Covid era is palpable. Could your please ally with me & those of us exposed in Pinellas co, FL over unprotected rescues? I have more to say on it. thank You, Joe F. 727-851-5661

    • Joseph, please email me: – I’m Nancy, by the way…

    • Adam, I am so sorry for not having seen your comments here… I will call you if that’s still okay… Nancy

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